Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Meet the Chickens

Rosalina and Sheila

Rosalina and Sheila


The Twins

Rosalina and Carmelita

Ol' Crooked Leg

It's my first week on chicken duty, and I've spent most of my early mornings shooting portraits of them. On a daily basis, the chickens supply us with over a dozen of the most delicious eggs I have ever tasted. They also provide an endless source of entertainment throughout the day.


  1. Very charming chickens! This is my favourite post so far!

  2. When I was in Grade 6, we had chickens at school (it was a funny school). We were each allowed to name one. My chicken was anonymous. Or, my chicken was Anonymous. No one every knew which it was.

    ... I found it very funny at the time. . .

    Another thing about chickens, their "combs" (their red parts on top of the head) have a great texture - tons of fun to pet. Try it, Em.